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I want to grow so that we can give more iPods to more patients, but I don’t want to get too large to where it’s not personal. Finding out that the iPods or iTunes uplifted someone is the best reward.   —Aidan Immroth
Portrait of AidaanAidan photographed by Flashes of Hope is inspired by the kind, giving spirit of Aidan Immroth. He was wise beyond his years. Aidan was one of the most compassionate and generous human beings to ever walk this earth. He was our first angel in disguise. He spent the majority of his life and time giving to others, and now, we are bringing his message to the world.

Aidan was diagnosed with cancer as a toddler and battled brain tumors for 13 years. Throughout his short life Aidan, helped raise funds for the Make A Wish foundation, delivered over 500 "pride kits" for individuals living in homeless shelters in Houston, Texas and much more. His work and inspiring message has continued to spread to others.

He served as the Creative Director for He decorated over 80 iPods for children facing extended stays in the hospital. Aidan knew from experience that music and distractions help improve hospital stays and promote healing. Because of him, we focus on the experience inside the hospital and takes care of the little things that matter to the lives of ill children.
Written by Rulene Berry and dedicated to Aidan Immroth, one of life's genuine heroes. Thank you Aidan for your leadership.
What do heroes look like? Are they short or big or tall?
Are they even real? Do they exist at all?

Do they really make a difference? Do they come to save the day?
Do they sometimes show up in our lives because we've stopped to pray?

Are they really full of courage? Is it just stories people tell?
Are they really in this world or just in fairy tales?

Do they really inspire others to rise and be their best?
Do they have resolve and stamina to endure any test?

Are they unselfish, kind and loving, putting others first?
Do they find the best in life rather than settle for the worst?

So what do heroes look like? Could one be among us here?
Would we know one if we saw one? Is our vision really clear?

For heroes aren't just seen with our physical eyes.
They may be all about us just slightly in disguise!

You need not look at size or shape. That's not where it's.
You must look deep into the heart, and that my friend's a fact.

Hero's hearts are full of love, compassion and good deeds.
They rally to the needs of others with super human speed.

A hero is among us and Aidan is his name.
Because he's come into our lives we'll never be the same.

His example of service and giving to others, is one we wish all could see.
Oh yes, he's real, bigger than life and all a true hero should be!

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